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My Story

Years ago, handgun training became a personal priority in my life. Something inside me was ignited when my family was put in unexpected danger. Had I not been prepared to protect and defend myself and those I loved that day, the situation would most likely have ended differently. 


I take seriously my role as husband, father, protector. Personal protection is more than carrying a weapon - it's a responsibility to be prepared at all times.


Whether you are a man or woman, we will teach you the basic and advanced skills needed to be aware of your surroundings, face conflict positively, and to be prepared to act when necessary. Services range from basic handgun, shotgun and rifle training through advanced tactical training and in-home protection. 

Meet the Owner
Bob Gross

Owner, Instructor


  • Texas Certified License to Carry Instructor

  • Texas Defensive Shooting Academy (TDSA) Instructor

  • United States Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor

  • NRA Instructor Certifications 

    • Basic Pistol

    • Shotgun

    • Rifle

    • Personal Protection in the Home

    • Personal Protection Outside the Home

    • Home Firearm Safety

  • Other NRA Certifications 

    • Range Safety Officer

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